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My fitness journey has been quite an experience. The approach I’ve taken to reach certain goals were simple and attainable. It has helped me boost my confidence and become a better person altogether. I am not sure where my fitness level would be had I started my journey sooner. It’s ok though, I wasn’t rushing to failure. I kept it simple and focus on one goal at a time. Along the way I figured out things I did not think I was able to do. Therefore, I’m super excited to share with you some of those training methods.

I wanted to learn more about the human anatomy while I was still working on myself. So I studied and became a certified fitness trainer, strength and conditioning and group trainer through Iternational Sports Science Associations.

Then one thing led to another and next thing you know I’m changing lives by helping people meet their fitness goals. It’s such a great and rewarding feeling to witness people become confident in their own skin because I have been there myself.